1984 Branham Bruins
20 Year Reunion Newsletter

October 22, 2003

When and Where ?!?!
The reunion committee is still working on these details.  We had a meeting on October 22nd and have decided to move forward with a reunion company to assist us in the planning of this event.  They are working on finding some locations for us, we hope to have some to choose from so we can make a decision at our next meeting in early November.  As soon as a decision is made we will let everyone know.  Of course this information will be posted on the Reunion website when it becomes available!

We are looking to do this event in the San Jose / Santa Clara area, hotels seem to work pretty well.  If you work for a hotel, or have connections with a hotel and you think you can help us in securing a facility, please contact us immediately: Info@84Bruins.com.

How can you reduce the cost of the tickets?  Help us find missing alumni!
We are using the Internet as much as possible to locate alumni.  Every person we cannot find we will have to pay to find later, so the more we can find now the cheaper the reunion tickets will be for everyone.  Your efforts are paying off, over the last month we have confirmed addresses for another 7% of our class, we now have 26% of the class accounted for.  We need your help finding the rest of the class so we can let them know about this reunion.  On the web site, we keep a fairly current listing of who we are still looking for, the list as of today is listed below.  These are people that we have outdated, partial or no contact information on.  Please review the list of names, if you know how to get in touch with someone on the list, please tell them to go to the website and register.  Or, you can send us their contact information and we'll try to verify the address.  Please, if you have an email address for them make sure you include that as well.

Raffle prizes
We will be conducting a raffle and giving away various prizes to the winners.  Proceeds from the raffle will go to the Future Reunions fund which we established after the 10 Year Reunion.  This money will be used to subsidize future reunions and provides us with start-up money for deposits that are required to set these events up.  If you have any prizes you can contribute to this event, please contact us immediately: Info@84Bruins.com.  Check with the company you work for and see if they are willing to donate to your class! 

Do you have any photographs we can borrow?
We are working on memory books and slide shows.  If you have photos from high school or from the 10 Year Reunion that you would be willing to share with us, please contact us immediately: Info@84Bruins.com.  We will return the photos.  It is important that you put your name and address on the back of each photo you submit.

your 20 Year Reunion Committee:

Cheryl (Zittle) Badaracco
Kristine (Korte) Ellithorpe
Chris Escobar
Suzanne (Skora) Groat
Carolyn (Padro) Nelson
Ken Pauley
Kevin Sidensol
Julie (Sorensen) Reddig
Lisa (Caldwell) Rivera
Michaela (Boyd) Wells

294 Missing as of 10/22/2003


Note:  The reunion committee is utilizing email as a low cost, effective means of communication to the Branham Alumni.  We will also us US Postal Mail as needed.  We will keep communications to a minimum as we don't wish to overload people with mail. 
All address, phone and email address information will be kept confidential and will only be used to inform the alumni of class related information.  Should you wish to no longer receive this information from the committee, please contact us via email: Info@84Bruins.com .